Our expertise is recognized in the management and development of Real Estate.

Whitestar has promoted real estate management as one of its main activities since the beginning, supported by a team of highly experienced professionals, both in the domestic and international context of global investors. We provide a full array of services ranging from the phase of portfolios acquisition to their subsequent management and sale.

We have multidisciplinary teams with experts in the areas of real estate assets management, with total coverage nationwide. The team comprises more than 80 professionals, including Marketable Managers (Lawyers), Development Managers (Engineers and Architects), Sales Managers, Closing Managers (Lawyers) and the Real Estate Support team.

Our approach is comprehensive and specialized, focused on maximizing results, performance and the sale value of properties through a strategic approach grounded on an integrated management system that allows us to monitor efficiently the real estate assets.

Our basis is supported by skills we have developed internally in areas such as real estate assessment, knowledge of the local market, management of the performance of portfolios and managers, real estate conditions and evolution.

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Investment Strategy:

  • Market Study and Analysis;
  • Property Evaluation;
  • Property Due Diligence;
  • Business Plans.

Real Estate Management:

  • Documentation
  • Keys and access
  • Condominium Payments
  • Rent Payments
  • Cleaning and Storage of Possessions
  • Insurance
  • Reporting To Regulatory Entities

Asset Management:

  • Marketing of real estate assets
  • Promotion with real estate Brokers
  • Promotion with real estate Investors
  • Sale and/or Rental of Real Estate
  • Sales Analysis/ Trends

Legal Consultancy:

  • Property Effective Handing Over/Repossession
  • Presentation of proposals in court
  • Assessment of proposals- sales by court order
  • Management of the eviction process

Project Management and Development:

  • Project Feasibility and Planning;
  • Licensing (PIP – Request for Prior Information, land parcelling, architecture, etc.);
  • Property Development;
  • Construction Project Management.

Registration and Documentation

Before being on the Market
  • Property Registration with the Tax Authorities;
  • Property Registration at the Land Registry (CRP – Conservatória do Registo Predial);
  • Procedures for the IMI (property tax) exemption;
  • Cancellation of Burden.
After being on the market
  • Management of the Sale Documents;
  • Promissory Purchase and Sale Contract (CPCV);
  • Scheduling of Construction Works;
  • Representation with the Seller;
  • Granting of Deeds.
Reports and Performance
  • Performance metrics of portfolios and managers;
  • Performance metrics of Brokers;
  • REO Portfolio Turnover;
  • REO Average Sale Time;
  • Cost Analysis;
  • Report Customized to each Customer.

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