Whitestar is a benchmark servicer of the Portuguese market, with an extensive management experience in all types of credit and real estate portfolios.

Whitestar is a benchmark servicer of the Portuguese market, with an extensive management experience in all types of credit and real estate portfolios.
We are a “one stop shop” with a complete and comprehensive offer in asset management services.
We base our servicing strategy on know-how, flexibility and the ability to design tailored solutions for customers/debtors, ensuring the creation of added value and high-performance levels. We count on a specialized team of credit managers, real estate managers, lawyers, valuation experts and analysts, which allows us to implement strategies with all-inclusive solutions and customized to each portfolio.

Our methodology is steered by the best international practices and we guarantee full documentation of our processes, being this the foundation of our culture of Compliance, Responsibility and Risk Management.

We provide a wide-ranging set of services, both for platforms and for individual portfolios, for monitoring, controlling and reporting the performance of credit portfolios intended for sub-servicers. In addition, we also provide other support services such as accounting, financial management, legal advice, risk and compliance, among others.

  • Monitoring the activity and performance of other servicers;
  • Periodic reporting to the various stakeholders;
  • Management of bank accounts and cash flow;
  • Legal counselling, Risk and Compliance;
  • Accounting, Financial Management, Human Resources Management, IT and Systems.

In order to achieve a high-performance level for our customers, we developed a comprehensive management of our Primary Servicing, Special Servicing and Transaction Services units, ensuring the adoption of the most suitable strategies to achieve a swift resolution and maximization of the return.

  • Customer service and contract management;
  • Credit restructuring (proactive and reactive restructuring processes);
  • Management of payments with default risk (inbound and outbound service);
  • Collection of default credit.

We are the largest and most experienced special servicer operating in the Portuguese market.

Resorting to information systems and a customized development of analytical models, supported by an extensive database and multidisciplinary teams, we develop and implement tailored strategies adapted to each asset, which allow us to escalate the recovery rate, whether through the courts or by extrajudicial means.

  • Integrated credit management (judicial and extrajudicial);
  • Real estate management, including assessments, documentation, registrations, possession actions, licensing, condominiums, keys, maintenance, construction, remodelling, leasing, strategy, sales and closing.
The Backup Servicing it is critical to mitigate the risk associated with asset-backed securities portfolios. At Whitestar, we provide high quality backup servicing to securitization vehicles in the Portuguese market.

Our skills as a backup servicer are based on an extensive experience as an independent servicer with high operational capacity, reputation and knowledge.

We provide to our clients a bespoke service that guarantees compliance with the regulatory requirements as well as the requisites of rating agencies, supported by a robust servicing platform with technological and human resources available and prepared to ensure that our clients’ goals are accomplished.

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