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Payment agreement2021-08-13T11:43:26+00:00

An agreement between the debtor and the entity that is managing the debt, in which the way of payment can be renegotiated and may include the forgiveness of part of the full amount owed or its payment in a certain number of instalments agreed between the parts.


A debt is usually made up of two parts: principal and interest. Amortization corresponds to the payment of capital, which effectively reduces the debt in question.


A contractual relationship between a financial institution and a customer in which the first party enables the second to purchase goods or contract services in advance to meet any need (credit card, personal loan, house loan, etc.).


A legal bond established between two parties, a creditor and a debtor, who must meet certain legal requirements to be valid.

Loan agreement2021-08-13T11:59:51+00:00

A contract through which one of the parties lends a certain amount to the other, being the latter liable to repay the amount borrowed within an agreed period.

Credit Cession (Debt Assignment)2021-08-13T11:55:20+00:00

A contract whereby a creditor (usually a bank) transfers the credit rights held over a person/company to another entity, which then undertakes the rights of the previous creditor, hence, the owed amount must be paid to the new holder of the credit rights.


Capital is the amount lent by the bank or financial institution to a customer who will have to pay interest on that amount.


It is the rate applied to the amount borrowed, usually a percentage (generally on an annual basis).


Debt is the obligation to refund/repay the amount borrowed.

Hello letter2021-08-13T11:56:04+00:00

A letter sent to the debtor after the credit cession (debt assignment) informing the debtor on the current credit holder, as well as the entity responsible for collecting the credit. This is the case of Whitestar, which manages credit portfolios for investors.

Non Performing Loan (NPL)2021-08-13T11:56:17+00:00

A loan in definitive default for at least 90 days, in which it is no longer possible to resume payment of instalments under the terms initially agreed, nor renegotiate those terms. You should seek a solution with the debt manager.


Delay in fulfilling the obligation, that is, in the case of a loan agreement, it means the delay in the payment of the instalment.

Performing Loan (PL)2021-08-13T11:56:37+00:00

Loan that is being paid on time, that is, the instalments are being paid on the dates and under the terms agreed with the bank/financial entity.

Reimbursement Term2021-08-13T11:56:50+00:00

Period agreed for refunding the loan. The amount of the instalment will vary depending on the term. The shorter is the refunding period, the greater parcel of capital the customer will have to pay each month to refund the total amount borrowed.


Monthly amount that the debtor is required to pay when entering into a loan agreement, consisting of a portion intended to pay part of the borrowed capital and another to pay interest and other charges (financial expenses).


Whitestar is a Servicer, that is, a credit recovery company, which may vary according to the type of loan and the terms negotiated between the Servicer and the Investor. In exchange for these activities, the company receives a contractually agreed fee.

Sub-Performing Loan (SPL)2021-08-13T11:57:17+00:00

A loan with some payments fulfilled, although partially, not including the amount owed and interest. In fact, the debtor’s situation show that it is unlikely the agreed instalments will be paid on the initially scheduled final date


A conversion of loans/credits into securities (bonds), which can be transacted and subscribed by investors through their sale to a Securitization Vehicle (SPV), which must be a Securitization Company (STC) or a Securitization Fund (FTC).

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