Our ambition is Build Better Financial Futures.

We are aware of the important role we play in society and the commitment that guides and leads us on a daily basis. We want to keep on contributing to our society’s development by way of a service dedicated to our customers, helping in the resolution of their debts and developing tailor-made solutions that fit in different interests.

Together with other stakeholders (shareholders, investors, suppliers, partners, the surrounding community, among other entities) we want to contribute to achieve our Goal: Building Better Financial Futures.

We know that Financial Literacy is the way to help our customers, as well as younger people, and we believe that there are no people and companies without ethics and values. That’s why our priority is to ensure the highest standards of business ethics and conduct, complying with the rules and regulations that govern our activity. We have adopted a Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct, as well as adequate communication channels for reporting violations of this Code. Reputation is paramount for us.

Social Responsability

At Whitestar, we are committed to making a difference in 3 major action areas:

  • At an economic level: investing in the financial literacy of young people by way of programs and initiatives that contribute to building a more responsible financial future.
  • At an environmental level: implementing measures aimed at reducing the environmental footprint through the responsible use of paper and other consumables; including other resources like water, and electricity; adopting an environmentally friendly car fleet and avoiding the use of plastic.
  • At social level: we know that we must give back to society what we receive from it. In recent years, we associated with different solidarity institutions that have been our partners in this very important mission in which we took part with internal and external volunteer initiatives.


All our activity is guided by values ​​common to the entire group and with which we identify.

  • We foster trusting relationships: We assist our customers with tailored solutions. We value their feedback, from which we learn and adjust our processes. We seek to be an example to the market, always facing our responsibilities.
  • Appropriateness is what defines our actions: We keep our promises. Finding reasonable solutions for our customers in order to normalise their financial situation, treating them correctly and fairly.
  • We Challenge and Innovate: We are optimistic, flexible and we like challenges. Sharing ideas and leading projects – we are innovative and use our experience to lead change and innovation.
  • We Succeed Together: We conduct our business to ensure our customers’ success as well as our own. We are supportive and collaborative.

Social Partners

At Whitestar we are committed to supporting entities that reflect our values. Therefore, every year, we support a group of social partners who are committed to helping people in more vulnerable situations or even promoting financial literacy among the youngest.