We have extensive experience in providing advisory services and structuring pioneering and innovative transactions, encompassing different asset classes.

Capitalizing on a vast knowledge of the market, skills and techniques, we support our clients in structuring acquisition processes and sale of portfolios, offering customized solutions, specifically: Due Diligence (legal, documentary and financial), Assessment, Management and Balance Sheet Optimization, Modelling, Securitization, Consultancy, and Analytics, through permanent and specialized teams.

We also have an integrated loan securitization offer with a Portuguese STC (Securitization Company) vehicle (Hefesto STC):
  • We provide an independent credit securitization offer and other structured credit products, including consultancy, structuring and modelling;
  • We have a vast experience in the market of structured financing, structuring, credit rating and placement of debt and equity, both in the Portuguese and European markets;
  • We count on a reputable team in the European ABS/MBS market and more than 15 years of experience in securitization and balance sheet management.
We can assist our customers in:


  • Acquisition and sale of portfolios;
  • Portfolio analysis and assessment;
  • Due diligence;
  • Analytics;
  • Modelling;
  • Structuring and execution;
  • Management and execution of securitizations;
  • Rating;
  • Balance sheet management;
  • Restructuring;
  • Asset management optimization;
  • Risk management.

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